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Thomas Quoting Vlad Acelasi: Do you know any code that could increase the volume on the phone more? Vlad Acelasi Hey i have samsunng galaxy s3 gt i n my sim is not working im my home but working in other phone that are present in my home so what shall i do: Pls any solution to network not registered on s3 Samsung. I have tried all the service mode codes non is working for my phone any help pls.

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Thomass Quoting olusegun: Hello is there a code for network mode because I don't have the option to choose network mode on my s3 mini. Quoting Gurpreet K: I bought a new Samsung galaxy S3 neo today.

What does that means? Plz reply soon. Gurpreet K Hello i tried code 21 Full Factory Reset: My volume button down insn't working so that was my hope but not working can you help me?

How To Access The Hidden Service Menu on The Samsung Galaxy S3

The phone was given to me by my son. It is locked to T-Mobile.

Two unlock services have told me the IMEI number is not on the data base. The phone was reset and rebooted recently. John Pape Quoting Thomas: Quoting John pape: I get the message "Not registered on network" Can anyone help?

How to access the Galaxy S3 secret service menu | AndroidPIT

John pape Quoting Al: Al Quoting hashmatullah: How to know my galaxy s3 is oragnal do you have any code to know for this. Quoting thesapphieere: Hey im looking for code which can charge my battery.. You should definitely take a look at all the options in the hidden service menu. One thing for sure, these options would be very much useful to a technician to quickly find out the flaws on your Galaxy S3. So the next time you have some problems with your S3, do check out the Hidden service menu before taking it to the service center.

So, how do you access the service menu on a Galaxy S3? The diagnostic tool is primarily meant for service technicians, so it's easily available but not widely known about.

Samsung (for Galaxy S4 and later)

Just go to your dialer and enter the following code to bring up the diagnostic tool: This will bring up the above service menu screen, with options ranging from color floods so you can easily isolate dead pixels on-screen , to speaker performance, LEDs, cameras and vibration. Some of it is not exactly going to be useful on a daily basis, but for a one-off novelty it's kinda cool to see and it's a nice little prank to play on a friend's phone too.

Plus, if anything on that list starts causing you problems, you know exactly where to go to test it for yourself before shipping your S3 off for repair. Here's some of the tests in action. If you have root access and want to delve a little deeper into the internal settings of your Galaxy S3 you can also try out a cool little app called Note 2 Hidden Settings which simply places a menu skin over some of the other internal settings to be found in your Samsung device.

All Secret Codes of Samsung Galaxy S3

It was made for the Note 2 but it works fine on other devices like the Galaxy S3 too. Have you ever tried to repair your smartphone problems yourself? Did you know about service menus and Android codes before, such as on the Galaxy S3? This doesn't work for me in I have SM-GV and it tried to dial an actual phone number.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Secret Codes,New Galaxy S Three Mini Hidden Code

Why doesn't this work in ? I already knew several things about the "behind the scene " type of thing on my S3, and I haven't tried this nor the codes yet, but can't wait to. I cannot get that code to work on my s3. Hey you make no sense The service mode one, not diagnosis test. Wtf does that even mean.