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Tried on 4G same. This is so frustrating. What can I do, sometimes get the error VC Message 2 of Seen about 5 mins of the game so far Message 3 of Ok so watching the adverts during HT was perfect. No drops, streamed fine to Apple TV. Second half just started and instantly it dropped connection. This proves it's the BT sport app. Who do I escalate this to as not happy as advertised and not getting the service when I most wanted!


Francesco1 Beginner. Message 4 of The problem I have is.. The app decides for you.

BT Sport App for Xbox, Apple TV & Samsung TV

If the enhanced player gave the option of full screen - 5 star app. If you at least had the choice to choose which player you want - 4 star app. However my viewing experience could be made better by the points raised earlier. Just seen the latest positive almost salesman like reviews for this app, the worst thing is the reviews blame the users??? It's quite obvious that if so many users try and give up with this app there is a problem, I've always paid full package with by sport on tv yet have had to try lots and lots of things to get it to stream from my phone onto a tv when away from home, I've got the hdmi dongle from Apple no good by stop it from your phone so I got myself a chromecast still hot and miss, and for those developers sorry positive reviews who posted its user error I can guarantee I'm more qualified and certified in IT than yourself and struggle all the time with the poorly designed app, I work in IT fixing and designing large government and banking systems so stop blaming the user base, a well written app won't allow users to struggle or not understand how it works, writing your own reviews Gavin a go at the users shows the ethos of your companies systems, "stupid users" maybe fix your app and make it fully understandable what the restrictions are to all users then maybe fewer will complain.

Bug Fixes. Caught some more bugs with this release. We've introduced a few small bug fixes. We spotted a few things weren't quite right, so in this release we've corrected them. We've packed a lot into this latest release. In this version of the app, we have updated our integration with HDMI lightning cable and corrected a number of bugs, mainly in and around watch live screen and standard video player.

This release fixes an issue that was causing a small number of customers to see a VC error message when trying to play video.

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We've now added a new feature that allows you to stream to your Chromecast while already inside the video player - and now the app will remember what point you got to in on-demand videos so you can pick up were you left off. This is in addition to a few UI changes and bug fixes. This latest release is primarily packing under the hood improvements to give a more performant experience.

We've packed a lot into our latest version of the app! It now supports high res displays such as those on the iPhone Plus and iPad Pro, we've completely redesigned our video player and we have carried out some tweaks to make it easier to navigate around the app We've been hard at work on the bugs too. Bug fixes.

Sky Q App won't play BT Sport on Ipad - Sky Community

We have been busy doing work on our video player to make it even better than before. In addition, we've made improvements in and around AirPlay and Chromecast support and provided a new back button on collections.

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Meanwhile, I've deleted the Sky Q app and re-installed several times, without success. Interested to find the solution as it is frustrating. Same problem here. Annoyingly the problem righted itself I don't know how and yesterday evening I was able to watch BT Sport live and also recorded programmes via Sky Q! Same here. Widget- When it corrected the problem, any idea what changed? Be useful to get a handle on what the problem is. I also have checked the registration and deleted re-installed the sky q app.

Reply from sky was to reset sky q box and restart etc. I am having similar issues. Obviously woukd prefer to watc via the Sky Q App rather than the respective channel Apps as it removes the delay.

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