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Note that as motorcycle intercom technology evolves, each new intercom system brings more and different features, along with an ever-evolving array of third-party peripherals that can be connected to it. We hope our readers will provide feedback and examples of how they are using their intercom systems and connectivity solutions and issues. See More: One thing we noted right away is that the G9 is, paradoxically, both complex and simple.

On the one hand, the G9 has many detailed features and a very thorough reading or two or three of the User Guide is definitely recommended. The G9 has some expected and some unexpected features, which we hope to cover in both Part 1 and Part 2 of this review. These include:. When the intercom module is inserted into the helmet mount, the combined assembly measures mm long and extends out from the helmet about 40 mm. The F5 is significantly thinner, however, protruding about 27 mm from the helmet shell and it also tapers towards the front.

The G9 helmet mount feels substantial and well made. If you can fit the G9 on your helmet, chances are you will not have any problems once the pair of stainless steel screws are tightened on the G9 mount. The mount has to hang off the bottom of the shell to fit correctly. Hopefully, the next wave of motorcycle intercom evolution will involve miniaturization, using a much smaller form factor.

Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review

That system even eliminates the boom mic for ever-smaller packaging. There is one thing that we highly recommend doing while your G9 or G9 PowerSet intercoms are on the charger for the first time after they arrive: This information is on page 4 of the User Guide English language version , which has been reproduced the illustration immediately below.

Each section of the thick User Guide references the 6 buttons by name, but the only illustration and description of the buttons is that page 4 illustration.

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So save yourself some time and effort and learn the button names before stepping through the features of your G9 for the first time. This will also help you later on as you use the system.

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The manual is well-written and clear, which is a good thing, as the G9 has many features and new owners will probably need to refer to the manual often until the system is learned. Both of these tips will save a lot of frustration later on and help you to enjoy your G9 system and get the most out of all the features. Our set had a full charge but Cardo recommends charging a new set before first use.

The G9 will also accept a charge from a powered computer USB port or powered USB hub some ports power down when the computer is turned off. The corresponding USB port on the intercom is under a silicone cover at one end of the module; see the illustration above. The red LED lights on the intercom module indicate a charge is in progress and when the red lights go out, the charge is complete. In fact, the G9 is somewhat of a paradox in that it is complex but fairly easy to use.

We receive a large volume of email with intercom questions and comments, split between owners who want every feature known and then some and owners who only want to talk with their passenger or a fellow rider. The G9 will do both and we think one of its best features is its ability to do so without a lot of fuss.

Referring to the button name illustration above, the G9 has two rows of three buttons. The buttons are rubberized and raised, with just enough separation to allow the user to feel the buttons when wearing gloves summer gloves in this case. The G9 does have an automatic priority function when used with multiple connected devices. Priorities are as follows:.

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The Cardo G9 intercom has a very limited set of spoken status announcements. The G9 also has some voice commands; i. The sound quality of the G9 is excellent to outstanding and the volume can be raised very loud. The stereo separation and quality also seems unusually good, especially if you can pull in a strong local FM radio station.

Note that all of the webBikeWorld reviewers wear ear plugs when riding, and that includes when evaluating intercom systems.

We had no trouble hearing the intercom when riding at speeds up to around 60 MPH when wearing ear plugs. As always, this will vary, depending upon your individual hearing ability and the noise levels of your helmet or bike. The G9 speakers are larger than the speakers found on the Interphone F5. They measure 38 mm across and 7 mm thick. Note that for best performance, the speakers should be mounted so they are as close to the ear as possible. This may mean that you will have to place some foam or padding in the ear pocket of the helmet liner to bring the speaker closer to the ear.

This is true for any motorcycle intercom system. We do notice an occasional light background hissing sound in the speakers, but this is overwhelmed with other sounds once the motorcycle starts moving. The G9 connected with three different cell phones very quickly and without a glitch. The procedure is illustrated in the video below.

The system connects with the voice command on the cell phone so calls can be initiated and controlled with ease. The sound quality through the G9 microphone is excellent and on several calls, the party at the other end did not realize we were on a motorcycle intercom system with the bike idling but not riding.

Several test calls were made back to the garage both from and to the evaluator on the road, using a G9 and a cell phone and in every instance, the quality of the cell phone call was excellent to outstanding in both directions. The FM radio in the previous Cardo G4 was an interesting concept that was slightly flawed, because the reception was generally poor. The FM radio in the G9 is better that the G4, but the reception can still vary quite a bit. Cardo recommends routing the wire for the right-side speaker up over the top of the helmet liner to get the best reception. However, the stereo separation and sound quality of a strong station is excellent and nearly as good as a high-quality MP3 player.

But the system is touchy and stations can quickly fade and static can intrude much more often than, say, a car radio. Cardo advertises a 1. The Cardo G9 intercom improves on the previous G4 system in some ways and it brings a few unique features of its own to the table. Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms have come a long way in just the last few years, with many once unheard-of features now becoming standard.

Also, motorcyclists today have very high expectations as they connect a dizzying array of peripherals and they expect each new intercom to be orders of magnitude better than the previous iteration, not just an incremental improvement. For example, the limited use of spoken status announcements in the G9 is puzzling, as is the combination of computer-generated voice and the recorded American-accent voice when English is selected that constitute the announcement mix.

Also, as of the date of publication, only the intercom configuration section of the Cardo Community is up and running. Is there enough extra at this point though to convert everyone? Part 2: Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review. Not only the products, but the uselessness of their customer service department as well. Never once in 5 years did they operate properly or predictably. Getting the comm function to work with another rider is more an act of random luck than predicable process.

When pairing is successful, the comm function will work for an unpredictable amount of time, then quit. Getting them to pair again is too complex and dangerous while riding, however they will sometimes just start working again after some random amount of time. When I complained about how unhappy I was, I was advised that the G4 is out of warranty. I have given up on the G Money wasted and lessons learned…. Surely the new model would be a solid improvement over the G4, right? That is to say the G9 units were unusable. By day 2 of our trip, we saved ourselves the frustration of screwing around with the units and just left them turned off and went back to pointing at our gas tanks when we needed fuel.

Our criteria in buying a communication system was to listen to music and communicate with each other. Scala G9 had some very admirable and appealing features with the primary being voice activation…. After extended research, but with some hesitation due to the heavy price tag, we chose the Scala Rider G9 since it seemed to be best on the market with very appealing features.

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Listening to music alone with Bluetooth connection to cellphone or mp3 or radio, the unit works well, as does communication alone. Sound quality was mediocre and the auto- volume adjustment worked very well. The Voice Activation has never worked properly since the day we bought it, which was the primary safety quality making the G9 lead the pack.

The unit disconnects constantly with or without 30 seconds of silence. Manual button control is the only way we can make the unit work. This negates the safety factor and makes the unit not worth the expense. We have updated the units with the computer connection, kept the battery charged and made sure our connectors were clean and free of debris. We have tolerated the unit for 2 years now due to the heavy price, but our rides have been frustrating and almost unbearable. I am now looking at purchasing a different device, but the hands-free feature is off the table.

I can not and will not recommend this product to anyone. With voice activation off the table, there is nothing making this unit worth the expense. Prior to this I was using the G4 Powerset. My friend and I go on long trips 12 days. We find that the G9 is an improvement over the G4 in sound quality and ability to provide good connection most of the time. We use them for approximately 8 hours a day on a charge.

We tried to get the G9 to work with the G4 without success. We find that the G9 can work well at one function only , example as an intercom they work well with GPS and everything else turned off. As soon as anything else is added in they basically do not work. I utilized the phone function on the G4 quite often through my Garmin Zumo and it worked well with most people stating they could not tell I was on a motorcycle. The phone function on the G9 I find is not useable. Often it will dial the number and I cannot hear the person on the other end.

The radio function turns itself on frequently and I have to turn it off. It works ok with my GPS as long as I am not using any other functions. In short, after hours of use I find the G9 to be a good intercom system but no good for anything else. I have the latest firmware, I did report it to them, they told me to unpair my phone and the GPS I did this and re paired everything , still the same.

As I said they work pretty well as an intercom for us but not for anything else. I will not be buying any further products from Scala though. From your reviews I likely will purchase a Sena next time. While I have decided to keep the set, I find this product works poorly for many of the functions it is supposed to provide, is difficult to use while riding, and Cardo technical support is extremely poor. It uses Kenwood radios for the intercom. My wife has satellite XM radio connected to her AutoCom unit which has worked well for several years.

We ride cruisers so the noise has forced us to use a push to talk setup that is extremely good, with a single drawback being that ours is one way communication — only one person can talk at a time. This is the only reason we looked at the G9s. The positive aspects about the Scala G9 is that it is wireless mostly. The FM radio works very well, although the station preset function is a joke — it simply does not work.

So you have to manually search for the station you want while riding by use of the little buttons on the unit. This is a pain. If you want to use the G9 only for bike to bike intercom, they work reasonably well, but there are a number of negative aspects that other purchasers should be aware of. While the FM radio sound quality is very good even up to 80 mph if you position the headset speakers directly inline with your ears using full face helmets, the voice quality on the intercom gives the impression of the person speaking having a lisp.

VOX activation is a joke at any highway speed. Intercom is full duplex, which is a plus. The biggest drawback to the G9s intercom is the 2 to 10 second delay to initiate intercom from standby or FM use. For emergency warnings, the G9s are useless. We have gone online and downloaded the latest software update. Pairing is somewhat finicky with a cell phone, but the G9s do Bluetooth to my Android phone. While you can pair them and get good reception, the G9s drop the pairing connection and freeze up when you try to switch to intercom, requiring you to turn the G9s off and then back on.

Cardo technical support is practically non-existent. They did say the delay in initiating intercom could not be fixed because it was built into the software to close any other use apparently including standby , and then activating the intercom function.

Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review - webBikeWorld

On the whole I would not recommend the Cardo Scala G9. Luckily the store has a good refund policy. I just returned my Cardo Scala G9 today. The sound and range on the example that I had serious issues with quality and distance. I was ready for a mile range but I did not see more than a few hundred yards in traffic. I charged the units fully. The factory paired units were not paired and we had to bump pair them a few times. Bluetooth linking was very fast with iPhones.

Easier button pushing with the 6 buttons over the 3 hard to figure out the press with the UClear. This could be the feature that others lack as the main use of an intercom is to talk to your riding buddy or passenger. The UClear certainly did this well with a few sound quality issues and the boomless-ness was great but introducing music to the mix was a deal breaker for me along with the tactile button issues. If I can listen to music and then call my buddy with no delay that is a winner in my book. I agree with you. One should not talk on the phone when driving a motorcycle, car or boat.

I purchased the G9 Power Set and found that I needed technical assistance from the get-go.

The first technician was helpful but at a loss. The second technician suggested that I change web browsers to facilitate the registration, software upgrade, etc. The third technician was outright totally disrespectful and I hung up on him. After trying to figure things out on my own, almost all day, I can now run the radio, place a hot call turn the radio on and off vocally but I would not consider having to press a button to initiate VOX a hands free system. My extreme challenge is getting the G9 to place a voice activated phone call.

I can reach the prompt to speak a command where sometimes it will accept my spoken words and sometimes it will not. Between 9 Riders. Group Signal. Hot Dial. Mobile Phone Connectivity. Software Upgrades. GPS Connectivity. FM Radio. MP3 Connectivity. A2DP stereo. Voice Command Operation. Spoken Status Announcements. Plug-In Speakers. Interchangeable Microphone. Hybrid and Corderd. Talk Time. Standby Time. Motorcycle Hire. Off Road Training. All Products. Product search.

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