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With this 3rd edition, the gameplay becomes more interesting and exhilarating than ever. It is also very challenging especially if lots of zombies are coming after you and trying to eat you. I like that this game offers infinite ammo for your default weapon, but you can also get a much stronger weapon like automatic shotgun though it only has limited ammo.

House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels heading to iOS/Android

I like that this shooting game has Co-op multiplayer mode. It gives me the opportunity to play with my friends and complete this game with them.

The house of the dead 4 arcade [options: 2 hand 2p play ] first video

All in all, House of the Dead III is a classic arcade shooting game that provides scary and action-packed gaming experience. If you are ready to kill some zombies, then go and play this one. When you first hear the title, you will think that this game is really scary. But when you play the game, you will realize that it is not that terrifying. There are also instances where it becomes repetitive which may annoy other players. I also find the game too short. At the same time, most of the boss fights are rather very easy except for the last one.

Plus, online multiplayer option is not available. On the other hand, the game is not that all bad. It still has great features like the nice graphics even for an old game. Also, the point and shoot action is still engaging. The balanced gameplay enables you to maximize your weapons efficiently. As the game progress, you learn to value your shots and not fire at everything. Some may get bored with it after some time, but many will still have fun with it. This title, which is at the top of this kind of games, is ported directly from the arcade version with some changes to increase the time with new modes and graphics adapted to the final hardware.

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House of the Dead III mixes action with terror in a great way that will delight arcade players. The variety of this download lies on the different types of zombies and weapons that are available during the story mode and how they move. You will always have your gun, no matter what happens, with unlimited and free ammunition, but the player will also get a powerful automatic shotgun with limited shoots to blast heavy enemies. The zombie variety goes to normal and weak enemies to fat and giant humanoids as well as monster creatures and massive final bosses.

The graphics of this version are good with regular light effects and detailed scenarios with hidden items. If you shoot to the furniture, you will find in the different stages how to get more lives and other extras. The damage of the zombies is showed in their bodies since your shoots are marked on them, ripping their arms and body parts and how they move. House of the Dead III is a quite interesting and demanded gun game. It offers a great amount of guns, weapons and variety in zombies.

Nevertheless, its gameplay could be a bit complicate for beginners. It differs from the previous versions, especially because in this one the player has the option of navigating through the prior and then goes to an area with a completely different result. On the other hand, an in this point there are different opinions in favor and against, in this version there is no civilians. Every boss has a weak point you hit to do damage and, starting with III , is the key to halting whatever attack it's making indicated by a "Cancel" bar beneath the health meter.

For most bosses the weak point is identified to you at the start of the fight but, to make them more intimidating, the Final Bosses do not have identified weak points. However it's still fairly obvious what you need to shoot. An Axe to Grind: Every game has at least one type of zombie duel-wielding axes, often in a cross position to deflect bullets with the exception of the first game and Overkill. Players can blast their legs and chest to make them keel over, thus exposing the zombies' heads.

Badass Normal: All of the main protagonists in the series are normal people battling legions of undead monstrosities to save humanity. Lampshaded in Overkill a ton. Detective Isaac Washington: Well, I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think they've found us. You're nothing! I only wish to revert to them to their natural state. How many times do I have to tell you to not use the Z word?

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This is our future, we'll handle it ourselves. You've got bigger problems to worry about! You're not my father! The House of the Dead. Big Boo's Haunt: The Curien Mansion is a "mundane" version of this trope. There's lots of physical undead, but no ghosts or spirits. However, the Magician possesses psychic powers. Canon Discontinuity: The manual for the Saturn port made rather blatant references to G having "metallic"-tasting blood and behaving "mechanically", implying he was a robot or cyborg.

This is never followed up on in subsequent games. The game's demo was time-limited; a big timer counted down from three minutes, and the game would quit once the timer reached zero. The hack-savvy player who used a memory location editor to freeze the timer would find out that the timer was the only thing crippling the game; with it out of the way, it was possible to play the game to the end.

Disposable Woman: Sophie in the original game gets kidnapped by the Hangedman, and is axed by the Chariot just before you fight him as the first boss, driving Rogan to seek revenge.

Blood, humor, swearing, and lots and lots of mutants

This can be subverted if you're good enough at the game. Early Installment Weirdness: This is the only game not to use infrared technology for the gun controller; subsequent arcade games have sensors mounted around the screen and the controllers use them to continously track their aim. It is the only game to require explicitly shooting away from the screen to reload.

Power Pincers: One of the enemies in the first game has a kind of "scissor claw" that it can launch at you from a distance. Rogan's motive against Curien when Sophie is seemingly killed by Chariot. The second chapter is even titled "Revenge". Secret Character: Sophie, a female researcher, and alternate versions of Rogan and G could be used in the game both Arcade and ports if a code was used.

Title Drop Chapter: The last chapter is titled "The House of the Dead". Turned Against Their Masters: The Magician kills his creator, Curien, upon his activation deeming him as nothing but a lower lifeform. We Will Meet Again: Upon defeat, the Magician's warning before exploding: The House of the Dead 2. Breaking Speech: The revived Magician gives one to James and Gary before the fight starts, again followed by their retort after they beat the crap out of this Humanoid Abomination.

Cherry Tapping: Judgement's HP can actually be chipped down by shooting Kuarl, and with Zeal sometimes flying into the crossfire, this can end the first phase much quicker. While it's only possible to do in a Tool Assisted Speedrun of the Wii version for example , Kuarl can actually be downed without having to shoot Zeal. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Goldman appears to be one, but then turns out to be much worse.

Death of a Child: Subverted, where child characters are just as readily murdered by the undead if you are not quick on the trigger. Final-Exam Boss: The Emperor's metal orbs morph into all previously-killed bosses except Magician ; hitting their respective weak spots will disrupt the attacks. Fish Person: The Hierophant, the second boss, is an aquatic reptilian beast who carries a trident.

Five-Second Foreshadowing: While they also doubles as Blink-and-You-Miss-It and Freeze-Frame Bonus moments, in some versions of the game, two of the endings have Zombie Goldman or Amy, Harry, and G accompanied by civilians visible before the door even opens.

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Gaia's Vengeance: Goldman's motive for his bringing about a Zombie Apocalypse. Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Magician's re-appearance in the next to last level has this written all over it. Headless Horseman: The first boss, Judgment, consists of a headless suit of armor Kuarl controlled by a flying goblin Zeal. Hockey Mask and Chainsaw: Strength, the fourth boss, dons this.

It gets blasted off after several headshots. The Imp: Zeal, one of the two beings who make up Judgment. Knight Templar: He wanted to protect nature. But did he have to go as far as killing off the human race "reverting them to their natural state"? Ominous Owl: The Moowls, which are zombified owls. Omnicidal Maniac: His boss creations fit more, though. Piranha Problem: The Mofish, which resembles a mutant piranha. These foes are found in the canals and leap at the players to take bites out of them.

They are also seen during the fight with the Hierophant. Sand Worm: The Tower is a roaring, five-headed worm-dragon-snake-hydra-thing. After you kill four of its heads, the main one will slither away to the next arena, where you'll have to finish him off. Depending on the path you took, the arena could even be a large sand pit that he burrows through. This Is da Faynl Bawdl: Before the final boss. Show yourself! Our new ruler, the Emperor! III is set in a post-apocalyptic , where the zombie infestation has spread throughout the world. The game was released in Action Prologue: The second player here is a merc named "Dan Taylor" who gets killed once they arrive in the central control room.

The merc who gets mauled by the zombies in the first cutscene comes back as a Mini-Boss zombie right before the final battle against the Wheel of Fate who takes a lot more punishment than the average undead. After the End: By this point in the series, the Zombie Apocalypse has gone global. It's lasted sixteen years. All Hallows' Eve: The game takes place on October 31, And Now for Someone Completely Different: The latter section of the final chapter sees G step aside to let Daniel Curien become the player character going into the final boss.

Appendage Assimilation: The Sun's giant wall of faces. Badass in Distress: Rogan disappears after the prologue chapter, prompting his daughter and former AMS partner to search for him. The prologue chapter and the end of the final chapter in III take place in the same areas.

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Damage-Sponge Boss: The Sun. In exchange for being easier than Fool and Death, it has a gigantic amount of HP. It goes down much more quickly after it starts its final attack, but it takes minutes of constant firing at its weak points to get there. Death , the huge security guard zombie. He will suddenly pop out of the ground and keep running after you for the first and second levels before finally dying. Lampshaded by G and Lisa.

Well, he certainly is persistent! The House of the Dead 4 and Special. Arc Words: Bittersweet Ending: James sacrifices himself to stop the World and foil Goldman's plot, but Kate is now left alone, and a secret ending depicts a mysterious man revealed to be Thornheart in Scarlet Dawn implying that the horror has just begun Bloodier and Gorier: Zombies can be bloodied and wounded, but cannot be dismembered. Upon death, they blacken, fall over, and disintegrate.

Seeing as Goldman serves as the game's antagonist again, a few are made to the second game see Nostalgia Level below. It's almost like we're being invited in. Earth has evolved in a way so that it naturally regulates the population of any given species. Is that all you have to say, Goldman?! House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. Absentee Actor: