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Let the game do the shooting for you.

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All you need to do is to find your enemy. Simply use the in-game joystick to navigate your character and move around the battlefield. Once the system spots a target in range, your gun will immediately fire the bullets at your opponent. Other actions such as throwing a grenade, healing your character, and changing weapons will still have to be done manually but these controls are readily accessible on the game screen.

Pic 2: Guns of Boom Gameplay. Guns of Boom engages you in highly interactive PvP battles. You will be teamed up with 3 other players to fight against the opponent team in this 4v4 battle. Cover your teammates and assist them for that final blow! Individualism is not encouraged in such battles. You can also invite your friends to your clan so that you can play as a team! Purchase new equipment or upgrade your existing equipment to boost your fire power! Be it a pistol, a rifle or a shotgun, there is definitely one that will suit your play style. You can also customize your character!

Increase your health and defense with armor such as Helmets, Jackets and Pants. Pic 3: Guns of Boom Weapons Guns. The game is constantly evolving as Game Insight is regularly updating the game to keep players entertained. With limited-time events to win exclusive perks and rewards, this game never gets boring!

  • An action platformer in 2D.
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Complete quests to unlock new guns as well! Your team will also be awarded extra points for that kill. Pic 4: Free crates spawn every 6 hours so be sure to launch the game and unlock those crates. Stock up on those grenades, health kits and gunbucks the in-game currency of Guns of Boom. So come join in the fun with this highly addictive shooter game, Guns of Boom! Download now! If this is your kind of game, check out similar games right here!

Or take a shot at Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores for a suspenseful thrilling ride! View All Reviews Submit a Review. Annihilate hordes of enemies in this 2D action game, Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior unblocked multiplayer game. Take on challenging missions and beat different enemies. Prove your strength and abilities as you progress […]. Aliens have landed on Earth and they want nothing else but one thing: You are a lone soldier, carrying one task that every defender of Earth needs to do: Kill all the aliens. Dead Invaders is one of the top shooting games thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay and […].

Play the game that started it all! If you think this is a joyous game of fantasy and exploration, […]. In Need for Speed No Limits, you do not need a driving license to be zooming down the streets. Enjoy a fast and furious car racing experience with your virtual sports car.

Customize and build your dream ride with all […]. The Battle Cats are here to stay!

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Download the game for PC today and read about our hacks and cheats for cat coins! If you love cats, then The Battle Cats is your game! This game is only available as a paid app […]. Captains who are playing from SEA rejoice! Also it is compatible with all Windows OS. That is a very good choice for minecraft fans.

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Let's shoot some blocks down. You can play online in your browser window. Miami Zombies - the best one for mobile gamers. It is a simple gun game in Crimsonland style. This time your goal is the ultimate survival! After a brutal fight with nasty foes, you tried to get back on Highway 95 to meet up with your girlfriend. Now get your gun and go to some adrenaline adventures!

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