Music apps for iphone that work without wifi

Time to get to listening worldwide. Google Play Music: Aside from having a pretty awesome radio feature, Google Play Music allows you to store up to 50, songs. You can listen to whatever you want wherever you want. The app also allows you to go cross platform so you can access your music from your computer too. Free on iOS and Android. Sound Weaver: Sound Weaver gives you access to all your music from Dropbox to Soundcloud.

This music aggregating app also has one particularly cool feature. Aside from being aesthetically appealing and super user friendly, Sound Weaver allows you to store music videos from YouTube so you can listen AND watch. Apple Music. Spinrilla Pro: The app gives you access to all the newest hip-hop mix tapes from your fave artists, DJs and producers.

Tweet us BritandCo! Sort by: All songs are automatically sorted by groups and albums, which greatly facilitates the search. Among the additional features are: Google Play Music certainly will appeal to all music lovers, because music will be always nearby. No shortcomings have been noticed so far, which is not surprising — Google does not make mistakes. For some fee, Deezer users stop seeing ads and gain access to premium features, such as improved audio quality kbps , synchronization of playlists and albums, offline listening, the ability to skip any number of tracks.

There are two types of radio stations in Deezer: Presets are supported — for example, you can enhance bass or vocals. All the premium features of Deezer are available for free within 15 days after the installation of the program. Non-premium users will still be able to see the recommendations FLOW function , listen and find radio stations, create their own playlists and view the lyrics.

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  • 2. Deezer – Songs & Music Player.

SoundCloud is a social platform for music distribution. There are not so many popular songs in it, as on premium services, but there is no shortage of little-known indie artists who want to talk about their work. In addition to music, SoundCloud lets you listen to podcasts and news releases. You can search for and listen to music right after installing the application. To like tracks, compose playlists and share them, you will need to register. The SoundCloud interface is clear, the navigation is fast and convenient. It is possible to save songs in order to listen to them in offline mode.

Shazam is a program which name is known by everyone. There is nothing strange about it because this is the first attempt to create an app for music recognition. After Shazam versions were released for all popular mobile systems and after the Windows Store on Windows 8. Shazam works in the following way: After that, the program will need a few seconds to recognize the composition.

Practically in a hundred percent of cases, the recognition will be successful, because the database of compositions is extremely large. On the screen, you will see the recognition results — the artist, the title of the song, and also links to its acquisition in popular digital content stores. Also, the program permits you to report your findings to friends on Facebook and popular instant messengers. In addition to recognizing tracks, Shazam can be used for finding new interesting music. The service makes a weekly chart of popular tracks and creates personal music collections for each individual user of the service.

The program is completely free and the recognition of tracks can be carried out offline. The desktop version requires a microphone connected to the computer. MusicSense is a streaming audio service. MusicSense is interesting primarily because it tries to offer tracks that you like immediately, without any actions from your side. After binding your Facebook account the app will analyze your profile, listening history, iTunes library and the most popular tracks in your surroundings to understand what music you want to hear here and now.

The program analyzes your compositions and creates a list of recommendations. All audio recordings are available for free and do not require downloading. You can choose any melody to make the application create a compilation by genre. MusicSense stores your favorite tracks in the Favorites tab. Based on any song, you can create a new playlist. The same goes for the tracks found through the search. This is a branded music store from a smartphone manufacturer that provides subscription services. This means that by paying an acceptable low cost per month, you can download the necessary amount of music to your gadget or listen to it online.

For many, this is an acceptable solution to the problem of listening to music on any device without the Internet.


In order to listen to music offline, you need to make a playlist in advance. Thus, you can save your money while still using this convenient service fully. Users of this service get access to a huge music catalog, which has over 20 million tracks. From the first minutes of using the service, you understand how convenient and beautiful everything is.

Top 10 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone Without WiFi ( Updated)

The designers who worked on the Beats Music service have surpassed themselves. Registration in the service Beats Music takes a few seconds.

There is no activation, no extra fields for filling, everything is simple and intuitively understandable. There is a quick registration with authentication via social networks Facebook and Twitter. After registration, the service offers to inform about their musical preferences. Later you can always change this selection — add or delete something. The library of service is really huge.

The service is well integrated with the social component. Songs can be shared on social networks of course, in order to listen to them, you need a Beats Music account , you can leave comments, like, do everything that we are used to doing while spending a lot of time on the Internet. Separately, we want to mention one interesting trick of the service Beats Music. Subscribers are given the opportunity to compose their collection of hits, playlists, share it with friends, recruit listeners. It turns out to be something like your own audio channel.

21 Best music without wifi apps for Android & iOS

Another convenient solution in the service is offline-mode. You can download any track from the 20 millionth music library to your device and listen to your favorite music, even in the absence of a connection to the Internet. In the settings, you can also specify in what quality the tracks on the device will be saved. When roaming, the entire application can be switched to offline mode meaning you can listen to only what is downloaded.

Today this service has more than 13 million listeners. New ones are joining every day. The main screen is more like a showcase, where there are a lot of ad units that show the latest tops, offer access to the charts and radio shows, and also contain a list of genres. The work does not start with this though — it starts with the choice of language, which you prefer to listen to music in.

The most popular are shown first, and all the others are arranged in the form of a simple list. On the top panel, there is a standard button to access the sidebar, search, notifications available after registration and the program settings.

The player is extremely convenient: Additional control elements are duplicated in the notification panel in the form of a widget. There are few radio stations, but all are divided into genres or by performers. Pro subscription does not give too many benefits, but for certain listeners, they can be important:. In the settings, you can select the quality of the audio stream by default, the option Auto is selected, which will select the most acceptable quality for listening based on the speed , change the initial set of languages and activate the option to smoothly switch between tracks.

On the application interface, you can get an access to your entire music archive and seek the right artist, album or song by name. Selecting the desired track, you are able to adjust the audio frequency and save the settings in another profile. But to take advantage of some of its functions, you will have to pay, although even the basic equipment excellently copes with its work. So, for example, in the paid version you can download music and then listen to it without connecting to the Internet.

This is a music player with extensive functionality and an impressive equalizer, customizable to the smallest details.

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  5. And this is without taking into account the standard set of features, like playing the main list of digital music formats, displaying texts and using visual widgets. First of all, the application JetAudio Music Player stands out because of its multifunctional twenty-band equalizer, offering thirty pieces suitable for music of different genres. Achieving the ideal sound will be much easier. The adjustment system will suit both beginners and users with experience.

    The remaining settings of JetAudio Music Player are related to the playback method, the transitions between tracks and, of course, the interface.