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Before digging into the Outlook sync problem and solution. The Priv offers the best of BlackBerry, which is its high level of security and physical keyboard, along with all the benefits of Android and its millions of available apps. You can see the battery status alongside the right edge without waking the display.

How to Link a BlackBerry to MS Outlook

You can access productivity-centric tools by pressing your finger in the center right edge — where the Productivity tab awaits — and sliding to the left. Some manufacturers add bloatware and clutter to their customized versions of Android. BlackBerry has stayed away from the gimmicky add-ons. The physical keyboard hides behind the back of the phone. To access it, slide it down. Although users can use any email app, the Hub allows you to manage all your communications — texts, BlackBerry messages, social media, calls, and emails — in one place.

The Priv has been designed, first and foremost, with security in mind. The name Priv comes from privacy. Knowing more professionals use phones for both personal and business, BlackBerry has tweaked the user experience for seamless switching between personal and work data. Back Back. On the computer, launch Microsoft Outlook. Click File. Click Open. Click Import. Click Export to a file. Click Next. Click Comma Separated Values Windows.

Email Application Setup - BlackBerry OS

Click Contacts. Click Browse and choose a location to save the CSV file e. Click Finish. Launch a web browser and navigate to Gmail gmail. Log in to your Gmail account. Click More. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. BlackBerry Launcher.

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BlackBerry Limited. Productivity-focused launcher with pop-up widgets and shortcuts.

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The official Microsoft Outlook app for Android phones and tablets. BlackBerry Calendar. Organized events synced with Google and Microsoft Exchange calendar in one app.

Email Application Setup - BlackBerry OS

Easy Backup - Contacts Export and Restore. Simpler Apps Inc. One tap to backup your contacts. Simply restore and transfer to any device.

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