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Also check that you are performing the pairing process correctly, completing the search during the first 60s of power on the car. I have a , where do I even begin to pair my iPhone 5? Make sure you have Bluetooth. Next shut off the car and remove the keys. Mext go into the trunk, temove the left panel using the black switch and locate the PK code on the silver TCU. Next turn on the ignition.

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Wait for BMW and some numbers. Pair using the PK code. The owner says that he has never used BT but do the presence of these two guarantee the BT function or not? Originally Posted by Hdsalinas. Hi all newbie here I have a just purchased a BMW X3 2. I have no idea how to pair up with my 4GS iphone. For some reason the control unit is sited just under the glove box?????? There is the sneezing man switch on the wheel but dont know what for Previous owner never used it.

I dont even know if the radio acts as the phone and displays instructions or not. I've also read somewhere about an iDrive that helps use the bluetooth Last edited by karateman; at I have an 06 x3 it has the module. About 3 years ago I started to pair my phone but couldn't find the Passcode that worked so have up. I now know where the real code is on the module not the book but now pressing the sneezing nothing happens.

Even bmw of Richmond couldn't get it to go.

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Any suggestions? I am thinking about trying to pull the module out to reset it then put it back in if it's easy enough to do. I have been forced to deliver pizzas for a job and having Bluetooth would be a huge help. If it's a dead module I don't think it would be worth it to buy an replacement online. Old post, but a little more information. I was having troubles with the bluetooth module in the x3.

It would just freeze up. It would not even show up from the steering wheel when this happened. You press the buttons, no voice, not interaction with the radio. It was like it wasn't there. I knew that I had bluetooth so off to google.

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I find the suggestion to unplug the module. So in the back of the car I go. I unplug it for 10 seconds and back in and it works every time. Now remember I say every time. So this has happened more than once, but I have not found the pattern yet. Now in the last 3 days I have. With an Android and the older bluetooth module. The module freezes when you transfer the call from the car to the phone with the bluetooth button on the phone. The bluetooth in the car never shuts down. It just hangs. Here is my question.

How do you transfer the call in the car to the handset when you want to leave the car. All times are GMT The time now is Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools.

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Alpine White i Cabrio Join Date: May Location: Or is there an easier way? The documents I got are not the greatest in showing how to put this all together. I also have not got a chance to get to the local dealership yet, as they are not that close to me. Any help would be appreciated. Hello, To connect your phone by bluetooth with your car you have to: Phone Pairing must apear on the screen.

Search for a new bluetooth device. Enter the bluetooth pin code on you document or under the bluetooth module in the rear of the car. You phone is paired with your car: Homelink mirror. E46 - Maybe it's because I have a X3i Sport. Other than Navigation I have upgraded most of the electronics in the XI. Radio for AUX , 4: I play with the car more than driving it. On the X3 BT pairing is automatically on for the first 2 minutes the car is on. I've talked to the operator to validate its functioning. I am not sure of the methodology used on a US X3.

My methodology was in the Bluetooth manual with my car documentation. In any case, the process for pairing is very much like described above with a couple of small modifications: Turn your key to the accessory position don't need to start the car, but you can if you want. The car will be in pairing mode for something like one to two minutes from start.

On your phone, make sure BT is turned on default off on some phones , then select the appropriate function to search for BT devices. At this point, the two devices should connect automatically, and you should see on your radio display "Downloading Phonebook" or something to that effect Best of luck!

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