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Please note that Mint is currently only available in the U. An app called "Emma" is a U. It's built around a fairly simple principle — every dollar has a "job" in your personal budget, be it for investment, for debt repayment or to cover living expenses. If you get off track and who doesn't occasionally?

10 best Android budget apps for money management

The built-in "accountability partner" keeps you on your toes. Although users pay a monthly or annual fee for YNAB, many feel the service and support are worth it: If nothing else, the financial commitment encourages you to actually use the app. Special features: Every other attempt you've made to get your budget in check has left you frustrated and hopeless. Instead of manually logging your expenses at the end of the day or week or month , Wally lets you simply take a photo of your receipts. And if you use geo-location on your device, it even fills in that info, saving you several steps.

Wally is a clean, streamlined app that's extremely convenient and easy to use. It's a great choice if you'd like more insight into where your money is going.

5 of the Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android - Make Tech Easier

You can take a photo of your receipts instead of manually entering numbers. Less typing equals less fat-fingered errors. Your previous attempts to track expenses were abandoned within a month because you hated typing stuff.

  • 8 Free And Best Android Money Manager App List To Manage Finances In 2018.
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  • 5 of the Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android!
  • 10 best Android budget apps for money management!
  • 3. Pocket Expense!

Want to harness the benefits of automating good financial behavior? If that sounds complicated, the Acorns app decidedly isn't. Basically, every time you make a purchase with a card you've connected to the app, Acorns rounds it up to the next highest dollar and automatically invests the difference in a portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds ETFs that you select based on your risk preference.

Acorns puts your pocket change to work in an utterly painless way — users say that they never even notice the difference. You can set up your Acorn app to automatically invest your savings without your even knowing about it. You have never owned a share of stock because you thought you didn't have enough money to invest.

The app is a stripped-down version of the desktop version, and its simple interface makes it even easier to use. You want to get started buying and selling cryptocurrency or sending it to friends. Robinhood is a game-changing investing app with a very unique and unbeatable feature: The app makes money by upselling premium services like margin trading and payment for order flow. It's also one of the very first personal investing apps to offer Bitcoin trading capabilities.

Along with no commissions, there's no account minimum or maintenance fees. They sound intrusive but they're actually helpful, and you can customize them or opt out altogether. You like free stuff and you're brand-new to investing.

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Perez noticed that models, like many freelancers, were often paid very late for their work — sometimes months or even years after the contractually required payment period. And it's hard for freelancers to keep track of multiple projects, especially since they're usually in the middle of one when another comes in. Premium users can create multiple budgeting calendars and share them with other users to collaboratively manage and log finances and expenses — great for small teams or families.

Honeyfi Android , iOS is another app built around collaborative budgeting and households in mind. You can quickly set up a household budget as well as link your individual and household accounts to the app so that you can view all your expenses together. You can tag transactions, add comments, create categories, and have the app automatically recommend a budget and share financial insights that can help you and your partner come to grips with your expenses and plan out your finances together.

Top Android Money Manager Apps for 2018

It lets you easily create and log job and client entries, where you can fill in the details, such as tax and commission rates, payment status, and more. John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

Apps Round-Up. Stay on Budget Where does all the money go by the end of each month? Slide 1 of PocketGuard Android, iOS: Free PocketGuard Android , iOS is an all-in-one bank account tracking and budget management app that shows you how much you've got in your accounts, as well as how much you can afford to spend for the day. Slide 2 of Slide 3 of Wally Next Android, iOS: Slide 4 of Wallet Android, iOS: Free Wallet Android , iOS is another neat mobile budget and finance tool that touts a lot of best-in-class features, as well as support for multiple currencies.

Slide 5 of Dollarbird Android, iOS: Free Dollarbird Android , iOS takes a collaborative, calendar-centric approach to budgeting and expense tracking. Slide 6 of Honeyfi Android, iOS: Free Honeyfi Android , iOS is another app built around collaborative budgeting and households in mind.

Slide 7 of Tycoon Android, iOS: Slide 8 of