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Other than all the cool stuff, you get a great interface, push notifications, and the massive range of cars people on eBay have to offer. With the Edmunds app, you can research the cars you are looking to purchase. On top of that, you can see if dealers around you have a certain model of the car you desire. It shows you the trade-in, private party sale, and dealer retail cost. Edmunds has a wonderful interface where you can view specifications, photos, and reviews of a particular car.

If you are looking to buy a car, eBay and Edmunds definitely have you covered.

CarChecker is a must have when buying a used car. The application looks quite nice, although jumping through lists could be smoother. After you have ticked all the criteria, CarChecker will give your car a score. You can also find your local dealership, get directions, and view both consumer reviews and expert video reviews. Craigslist is really good for finding used cars, so we have a Craigslist app here. It has a great interface, with location based filtering. You can also select options like adding extra features and paint so you can view the MSRP of the car you are specifically looking to buy.

Custom app shortcuts support apps such as Spotify, Audible, and TuneIn Radio, saving you from having to look at overly small buttons every time you want to make an adjustment on your trip. A night mode means it'll fit into the aesthetics of your car too. For older cars, it's an ideal substitute for built-in dashboard systems that more recent cars offer.

How Apps Turned My Crappy Old Ride Into A Smart Car

The best Android dashboard replacement, Dashdroid keeps it simple with eight custom buttons and a central display. The display offers the current time, weather as well as your current speed, while voice commands ensure you don't have to take your hands off the steering wheel to make a call or text. It could look more stylish, but its focus on a clean interface means it won't distract you while driving. You can customize buttons for your frequently used apps too.

Best car apps: enhance a journey using your device - TapSmart

And, finally, it's free. Not everyone can spring for a new car or radio with Android Auto connectivity, but AutoMate brings the clean car-friendly user interface to any Android phone or tablet. AutoMate integrates with Google Maps, messaging, phone calls, music apps and voice controls. Premium also adds hands-free gesture controls, like you can get in a BMW i if your phone has a light sensor, traffic camera alerts and custom wallpaper.

And in case you want to shoehorn a tablet or phone into your car, AutoMate lets you automate functions like power on, power off, shut off communications, close apps, etc Your daily commute is a drive that you can almost do in your sleep. You don't need guidance on how to get there, but you do need to know when a traffic jam or incident is in your way. Beat the Traffic provides real-time traffic updates, crowd sourced by other users, before providing you with a new quickest route to dodge the issue. Spot an incident that hasn't been reported yet?

Simply shake your device to give others the heads up.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your Car

You'll always know just how delayed you're going to be. And probably illegal. You know those cars with the front cameras to help you park your big gas guzzling cars of the future? Future-car, here I come! The app works surprisingly well, even with the hacked-together set up I, well, hacked together while driving to get my other kid from his elementary school. It has a handy, easy-to-learn color coding. Of final note here is an app called Witness from Snoring Dog Limited which may be my favorite developer name as I sit here with my pug every day to write.

Anyway, Witness sits in your car, staring out the front of your windshield like iOnRoad, but it records your driving session.

If you get in an accident, it automatically turns on, recording what happens from there. If you just want to capture up to an hour of your illegal hot street racing tournament, you can, along with the date, time, speed, location and g-force your old lemon of a car manages to wheeze up to.

The car of the future, today? Maybe not, but I sure do use my iPhone a lot more in my craptastic Subaru. These apps may not transform that old beater into a Tesla roadster of any kind, but it sure beats having to pay for the insurance on one of those bad boys, no? Hyperspektiv app glitches up your photos and videos [Review].

Best Car Buying Apps

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