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Sep 24, You can delete individula messages within a thread by holding finger on the message and tap on more and then tick the messages you want gone and tap rubbish bin. Jan 1, Oct 16, 3: Space recovered, your messages are still there but without the attachments! Method two is a much longer process but some users may feel more comfortable with this method. S You may want to make two backups in case you get any of the above steps wrong, but it is simple to follow the above and not do anything wrong! Jan 3, You need to continue repeating this process until the Messages app is only utilizing 20mb or less.

Always ensure to clean out your Messages often, as well as restarting your device often. As long as you don't allow your message threads to over-populate after extended time periods, you will not need to repeat these steps. I repeated this three times and it emptied my text cache which freed up 3 gig of space. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to free the space I personally found I tried Nick's way ibackupbot but ran into the problem as most will that my phone is so full due to having loads of photos and videos that I want to keep that it wouldn't let me restore as it kept saying I haven't got enough space on my phone.

Saved Messages on iPhone

The above technique worked for me on the third go it did delete all my current texts but its worth it for 3 gig of space. S still think apple should sort this out as my emails is also doing the same thing and i cant delete them. Apr 20, Check your usage settings - general - usage and it should be lower or 0 depending on how many conversations you chose to delete.

That's it. Don't do any of this crazy backing up and downloading programs. The reason people are having issues is because they delete thousands of messages multiple conversations at once and expect their iPhones to instantaneously delete all of the files and continue functioning like normal immediately. It's not gonna happen, it takes time for the phone to delete all of the messages.

Give it time. Simply delete Aug 10, 2: This way is super easy, you don't have to back up your phone, plug it in or anything. And then you can change it to delete year old messages or never delete messages again, but you will still save so much storage. Dec 16, 3: Just tried method 1 I have 5. What should I do now?? Nov 28, I did the first method, tho I can't restore my phone since it says I don't have enough storage.

How to Delete Messages from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 on iOS 7.1/7/6

I checked my storage on the phone and the 1,6 GB that messages took up in my storage are still there, but when check iBackupBot the files doesn't show. Apr 19, 4: Yes, it is a mac computer. You have to open up the iMessage app on your computer. Then, on the side it should have a list of people you have messaged.

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You have to manually delete all of them. Finally, hook up your phone and sync it. Hope this helps. Page content loaded. Oct 24, 7: Nov 23, 2: Dec 17, 1: I had to erase all contents and settings on my phone, and THEN do restore from backup via iTunes done via method 1.

How to Delete Saved Messages on iPhone

All the space being taken up by "saved messages" 5. But without erasing the phone, it would not let me do the backup, because I didn't have enough space. Pain to do it this way, am hoping that this doesn't fill up again and I have to redo the whole thing. How do I delete saved text messages that are taking up storage on my iphone?

More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. For the first method above, just make sure that when you right-click on the individual message that you're not right-clicking on text inside the bubble, or you won't see a "Delete" option come up. If you want to delete an entire conversation from the Messages app in macOS, there are also a few options you can use:. But we're not done yet, believe it or not.

How to Delete Messages on iPhone Permanently - iMobie

On a Mac, not only do these messages appear in the Messages app, each message you receive and send saves to a folder in your system files. That means, to completely erase a message, you must delete it from the Messages app and delete the. To find your message archives:. Handwritten messages is a fun addition to iOS that adds some personality to your chats, and you can send animated messages this way via iMessages, as well as still images as regular SMS.

However, each handwritten message you write is saved after sending, and it isn't entirely obvious how to remove them. Here's how:. If you're ultra paranoid and don't think that Apple actually deletes the messages you delete on your iPhone, there is the nuclear option — "Erase All Content and Settings. This will only delete the content on your iPhone, however, so make sure all backups are erased as well if you want that data permanently erased. And, obviously, don't set it back up using one of those backups, or the messages might reappear again. I'm not sure if these apps will remove those, but if you open one of those backups with either program and search for the sms db, you can also get a file in there i forgot the extension that can be opened with excel This shows you numbered folders as you mentioned in the post that also has the date, time and number of messages in a table I've actually been in one the situations where decrypting a backup to get incriminating evidence was required Check it out sometime All that I'm saying that isn't true is the sync, update, backup thing It may not show you your list of sms, mms, in your messages when you upgrade and sync, or even when you use spotlight afaterwards but they are still there.

If your phone is jailbroken, simply go to cydia and search for icleaner. It will delete all of your cached data, including message attachments. It reduced my message usage from 4.

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Is it still relevant in ? I mean do I have to jailbreak my iPhone to get this app to delete my text messages and imessages permanently? These guys are actually right! Text messages and all the files don't get deleted permanently. Someone can easily retrieve them back by using iOS data recovery products easily available on the internet. This app is pretty good and it works on non-jailbroken devices as well.

If you used "Erase All Content and Settings" to wipe the iPhone clean to sell, then you're good to go. These instructions are more about wiping old texts without doing a complete wipe of the device or devices and getting rid of the texts in old backup files and other places it's lurking that you might not think. It's not about security for me.

It's about convenience. One would expect that when a message is deleted from the linked iPhone it would also be deleted from the Messages app on the iPad and all associated Mac's - and vice versa. Why isn't that the case? I've verified that I am logged in with the same i. I know. Seems like that's the way it should work, but it doesn't. Apple may be finally fixing this problem with the upcoming iOS 11 update , which lets you store your messages in iCloud.

Presumably, if this works how it sounds, you could delete a message from your iPhone and it will also disappear on your iPad or Mac. This was a thorough and clear article, but it didn't work with my iPhone X. I'm trying to delete videos that were texted and taking up a lot of space. However, I cannot swipe left to delete, as I did on my iPhone 6.

I don't get the option to delete——only to copy or save. Is this a problem with my iPhone X or was this article not intended for X users? If these instructions were not for X users, can you share a way to delete these big videos?

How to Delete Saved Messages in iPhone to Free Up Space

Your article raised another question for me. When I got the X and tried to restore data, almost all of my photos were gone. I called Apple. They tried, but were unable to help me. After reading this article, it seems that permanently deleting data can be tricky and data can stick around.

Bonus Tips: Why You Can Find the Deleted Messages in Spotlight

So I'm wondering if there's anything you can recommend to help me get these photos back. Am I naive to think that I should have gotten a notice to increase my cloud storage or data would not be saved? If this was the cause for losing the photos which were important!

iPhone / iPad Messages - Delete Thread

Texts vs. How to Delete Text Messages on Your iPhone Whether you want to save space or erase sensitive material, deleting texts can be an essential part of owning an iPhone.