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The Phone comes with a mAh battery to support it's 3. Like checking e-mails, using whatsapp and hike, playing a game or two large games like Plants vs Zombies 2 , listening to songs. I liked the Timescape UI provided by Sony. But overall the phone is perfect for a person with less requirements. But I would certainly recommend this phone to anyone willing to buy a phone in this price range.

Sony Xperia XA3 spotted in the wild. The phone is seen featuring a tall display and dual-rear cameras.

Sony Xperia E3 Dual user ratings and reviews

The Mobile World Congress Sony Xperia XA3 could sport a Renders show a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The phone will have a dual Variants 4GB. Notify When Available. There are further settings available in the properties of the system.

Hence, it provides a solution mostly for snapshots that do not require high demands. Photos in the daylight without digital zoom are fine. The zoom is not of much use, since it lowers the quality significantly. A cheap digital camera may be the better solution for simple, but beautiful recordings.

Product documentation for Xperia™ E dual

Due to the low entry price there are no extras provided. Besides the main device, Sony includes a lithium-ion battery, a UBS cable, the modular USB charger, a simple headset, and a printed instructions manual. Interestingly the company does not sell any second batteries or replacement batteries through the website. Sony offers a warranty of 24 months for the Xperia E dual, which starts from the date of purchase.

The battery and the accessories included are protected for 12 months through the warranty. However, in everyday life this fact is not noticed.

A virtual keyboard is used for inputting text. The visual style of the keyboard has changed slightly.


Another negative point is the display technology that is being used in the device. We have measured the quality of the screen with the Mavo screen from Gossen. This value is pretty good in class comparison, even though it is not the brightest of all. Overall, these are good results for this section of the test. The black level is low with just 0. Still a light gray hue is noticeable and because of the technology in use that cannot be avoided either. The measured values are in mid-range and these good results also beat the competitor from Samsung. Figuratively speaking the device comes as a double-edged sword for outdoor use.

At maximum brightness of the screen the content is clearly visible, however only when in direct view of the screen. Viewed from the side, content is not recognizable anymore. If the brightness is decreased, then the reflections due to the glossy surface increase in turn. Hence, an efficient use is not possible anymore. In order to solve this one can change the sitting position or purchase a matte display protection foil. Even just a small deviation along the vertical axis leads to an inversion or a fade-in of the content. The screen deals better with horizontal movements.

The aforementioned alternative technologies usually offered at a higher cost do not have problems with this.

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The cheaper choice comes with this trade-off. Modern devices in the mid- and upper range usually offer dual or quad cores and a maximum of 2GB RAM. Naturally, one should not compare apples and oranges here, since the costs of such devices are much higher too. In idle mode the snapdragon S1 is working over 90 percent of the time with only MHz, hence consuming little energy.

Under load the maximum performance of MHz is activated without any problems. Then we enter the benchmark test round with the synthetic tests. Our device with the Adreno GPU reaches In addition, we have also included the Google Nexus 4 in the comparison table so that the difference to a faster Android smartphone can also be seen.

On the other hand, in Browsermark 2. Comparable devices are at least 50 percent better here. Here, a lower score is better. This Sony device does not deliver good results in this benchmark though. A recommendation: In comparison, the readout performance of the Xperia E duo is really good. The Google Nexus 4 is much better in this aspect too. The Sony Xperia E dual is not a gaming monster with its somewhat lower hardware specs, but it plays most game titles just fine. Current 2D-games and many 3D-titles run without any major problems. For instance, Temple Run 2 runs smoothly throughout , although the graphics are sometimes not very beautiful because of the low display resolution.

The gyroscope converts any movement very rapidly. Lagging can significantly impact the fun of play. Also, the loading times before and during a game can be nerve-wracking. It was not possible to start the game ShadowGun: DeadZone in this test. The voice quality of the Xperia E dual leaves a good impression. The caller is understood clearly and the same holds for the receiver on the other side. One point of criticism is the suppression of background noise. The headset that is included is fairly cheap, but satisfactory. People who make a lot of calls would probably change to a higher quality headset which sits better in the ear over time and also offers better sound quality.

Overall, the smartphone leaves a good impression. It stays cool during load. The higher temperature on the left hand side of the device is noticeable. Presumably the SoC and other system components are located under there. This is a plus for the Sony Xperia E duo. To play audio material there is a mono speaker at the lower backside of the device.

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The sound impression is not very convincing. Trebles are too pronounced. Bass and low-pitched sounds are missing entirely. The maximum volume is convincing, but the sound produces distortions from 60 percent onwards. External and peripheral audio devices can be connected through the 3. The power consumption of the components constitutes a crucial point for a device with limited battery capacity. In office use the consumption of the smartphone is between 0. During heavy load the consumption of both Sony devices is identical with 1. The brightness of the screen was maximized and all wireless connections also enabled.

One should not expect too much besides this function though. The card reader allowing up to 64 GB is a useful feature considering the small internal storage provided. An update to Google Android 4. For gamers and multimedia enthusiasts it is the wrong choice. The battery life based on the mAh battery is fine; however the consumption in office use is too high in comparison to similar products. Nonetheless, the question still remains why so far only smartphones in the lower price range offer the dual-SIM feature in Germany.

The integration of the dual-SIM function, the integrated card reader for media of up to 64 GB and the good results of the display performance tests. The fact that apparently Sony and other producers seem to consider the use of dual-SIM smartphones only in the lower price segment — at least in Germany. What a shame! Alternatives for single SIM card: Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Smartphone Android. The case is made of polycarbonate. The quality in terms of haptic and stability is limited. The battery is exchangeable. Integrated card reader. Left side: Right side: Head end: Positioning inside. Positioning outside. Well-arranged phone application.

Sony Xperia E dual: Apple iPhone 5: Sony NEX-5R: The package contains standard accessories. Warranty Sony offers a warranty of 24 months for the Xperia E dual, which starts from the date of purchase.

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