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If you cannot find your phone on the map using the Find my Phone service, it might be due to either that:. You should be informed that if your phone cannot transmit a signal whether cellular or GPS , there is simply no way to locate it , no matter what kind of phone you have or what service or tracking app you are using.

How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows Phone

Find my Phone by Microsoft is the only app you could have used to find your Windows Phone after you have already lost it without having installed another one before you lost it. But before we give up completely lets review some of the old-school ways to retrieving and protecting, in fact, any phone, not just the Windows Phone.

I have to be honest with you, from here on out it will be much more difficult to find a lost or stolen phone. However, with the advice below, you will increase your chances of finding your phone and protect your data. The thief might remove the SIM and sell it or your battery might drain so you want to act quickly before that happens.

In such cases, no signal will be transmitted from your phone. In other words, you will not be able to track it remotely or even call it anymore. The concept of retracing your steps to find something lost is well-established and it can definitely work for your phone too. Take a few deep breaths of air. History repeats itself. If you believe that your phone is simply lost and not stolen, then you should try and going back to every place you have recently visited.

Find a lost phone

Ask around and someone might have actually seen the phone. For example, if you lost it in a cinema, someone might have handed it over to the reception. Asking people in such cases never hurts as you might get your phone back without hassle. This is the first thing you should do if you suspect you misplaced it outside the home.

Even if your phone is locked, thieves who are technologically inclined may be able to hack it and get information on you. As such, you should seriously consider hanging all of your passwords. This is especially important if you have stored credit card information in there. In fact, if that is the case, you should also contact your bank and report the incident so that they can keep a lookout for suspicious activities.

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Alternatively, include a number in the message so that anyone who finds it can call it. Of course, this will not work if your phone is actually stolen. However, thieves might think that you are not actually tracking your phone so you may even save yourself some time. Here are some example templates that you can modify to your liking.

Make sure to include a number where anyone who finds the phone can reach you. In some cases, your carrier might agree to use cell phone triangulation to locate your phone. Basically, carriers can use cell towers to attempt and pinpoint where the phone is by measuring the distance from the tower. That way, they can receive the location of your phone on a map, just like you would have if you had been using Find My Phone.

how to find your lost windows phone using find my phone new feature by microsoft

However, it will not be as accurate as the technology involved is inferior to GPS. With all that said, it is indeed very unlikely that carriers will agree to track your phone as such processes are reserved for more serious matters where the police is also involved, such as a kidnapping or other serious crime. Unfortunately, in some cases, you will need to accept the fact the phone is lost and there is nothing you can do about retrieving it anymore.

If you have insurance on your phone, your carrier might be able to replace it. Otherwise, they will be able to turn off all services including texts, messages, and data so that thieves will not be able to use services you are paying for.

Find and lock a lost Windows device

It may also be a good idea to visit your local police department and report that your phone has been stolen. It is highly unlikely that they will be able to do anything about it but they might ask for the serial number just in case. Since you do not have physical access to your phone, you will need to find the original receipt to locate the serial number. Cortana learns your habits, likes and dislikes over time, to become more personal and useful to you. You can interact with your device the way you want to — touch, type, write or even speak.

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