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I noticed sometime ago that meebible also has support for native Nigerian languages. Also, the supported language and versions keep growing.

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All you have to do is just change the language to the preferred one and download for offline reading- All for free. Here are some screenshots of the Igbo version. I came across it today while looking for something else. I had almost forgotten until I saw your post.

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It was made by offscreen so you can check their list of apps for it. Like apps also include: History also written in Qt and Birthdate.

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Let me know not-so-popular ones so i can give the description. So by I would wonder wat Kind of features that will be improved on belle os. So by I would wonder wat Kind of features that will be improved on belle os I really hope what you said is true but from all indications I don't think so.

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Nokia is putting all effort into lumia now and symbian is not helping matters with seriously declining sales. Take a look at the ongoing Nokia world. There has been on talk on symbian yet. And just to clarify something, its still symbian. Its the UI that is called Belle. Just like windows phone and the Metro UI. Let me add two apps. Will post some later. They are apps that let you hide your media and files documents, images e. Safe Deposit- Easy to use and simple. To hide a file, you have to know the file name and location in the file manager.

The only problem is that it saves the hidden files in C: Smart lock- though its icon is not as beautiful as that of Safe Deposit, access to it is superb. When you open the app, it shows you a battery status bar which you have to press for sometime to show you where to input your pass. You also have to press this for sometime to get into the main app. So its much easier to hide. With some other apps, you can rename it and change the icon giving you a completely anonymous app.

It hides music, vids and pics. Can be got for free from Nokia store. Well done Jedisco! Situations v1. Every day, we change the behavior of our phone. In fact, it should change its behavior by what we do and where we are. With Situations you can set your device to go silent, open news app, extend its battery life, and respond to calls with aSMS. Thumbs up to you too. Its good you put the link to the app. I wanted to do thesame but on a second thought didn't cos the link might get dead or the app updated. Anyway its still good to have it as it eases the stress of finding it for some peeps.

Let me talk on file managers. These ones allow one to transfer files directly to and from any PC using wifi and without any software installed on the PC. My Explorer- Very neat and handy file manager. You can use it to seamlessly transfer files between any PC using wifi which is much faster than Bluetooth. After reboot, you can launch it from the application launcher. When you launch Baidu Input, click OK and "Yes" left most choice all the way, then you will be presented with a list of 8 options. Select the first one as highlighted in the screenshot.

Upon clicking it, you will see new menu.

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Press the first one as highlithed below IMG: There wiil be three option as pew new version. Choose the chiniz word at the top most to enable Baidu input.

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Choose AknFEP to disable it. Close the window, and proceed to no. Card PM. Quote Reply.

Jun 18 , Show posts by this member only Post 2. Jun 19 , Jun 22 , Show posts by this member only Post 3. Junior Member Posts: Apr Thanks for sharing. D it has the similar keypad as above.

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So far so good it fits my need for a virtual keyboard. You could watch this: If you want more, try it out a free beta version by download it on play. Aug 14 , Show posts by this member only Post 8. May D baidu input almost close to stock vkb in sensitivity touch input. Sep 27 ,